Best CPM Sites to monetize your blog - 2018 Adsense Alternatives

Best CPM Sites

This tutorial is about " Best CPM Sites to monetize your blog - 2018 Adsense Alternative ". 

Lets Begin the discussion..

The first point to remember is CPM. Advertising media have various of modules like CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA.

Let us know some breif information about above.

CPM - Stands for Cost per Mile - (Or) Cost Per 1000 Ad Impressions.

CPC - Stands for Cost Per Click - You get paid every time when User clicks on your Ad.

CPL - Stands for Cost Per Lead - You get paid every time when User Signup using your links.

CPA - Stands for Cost Per Action - You get paid every time when User Completes Action like Making Sale or Purchase.

What is CPM in Advertising Module?

" CPM is a Advertising Module that Networks with Ad Impressions. CPM Stands for Cost Per Mile means Cost Per 1000 ad Impressions. This is the most popular Bid type next to CPC. The CPM process is so simple. Advertise Bid on Adspace as per Ad Impressions."

Let us take an example, Suppose your website generating 1000 views a day and you place 3 ads on a page.

So Total impressions = Pageviews x Ad units
                                       =1000x 3 is 3000 impressions

Now suppose your website generating 50% Organic traffic and rest from other sources.  We will make the CPM will be $1.00 (thousand impressions)

Your Earnings :  CPM x impressions.
                              0.001x3000 = $3/ day

We will ad some more earnings  i,e Clicks. Yes, now let us assume your website generates 10 clicks on ads per day and CPC ( Cost Per Click ) is 0.01 = $0.10 and conversions will be $1 so you get atleast $1.1 a day. 

Total earnings : $3+$1.1= $4.1 on average.

Note : Conversions means when user signups, buys or make payment on advertiser site.

So now lets us get in the adnetworks that satifies above conversions.

Here am not including Major adnetworks like Adsense, because they are bit difficult to get approved. 

Here are 5 best Adsense Alternatives. to many money from Blog.

#1 AdsOptimal ( Closed Down)

AdsOptimal is the best recommended adnetwork for every blogger. Read review on this network and join.

#2 Adsterra.

Adsterra is also one of the good adnetwork where you can make decent amount. They have good rates for International traffic as well.


A new adnetwork that have top CPM rates which need atleast 50% traffic from North America. This Ad Network is recommended if you are getting traffic from USA or Canada. 


This is also one of the ad network that pays good rates for publishers. This is little difficult to get Approved.

#5 PropellerAds

PropellerAds is a Leading Master of 2018. The rates are high and you can make decent amount from Advertising Modules like CPC and CPM. They have good rates for International Traffic as well.

So guys why late get into them and share your review.. comment me below.

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