Few reasons why bloggers fail to make money

Cpm networks

So guys here am back again, after several questions hitting my brain. If you are a blog owner then you must read this article.

Answer me few questions. Does your blog making decent amount? Is your traffic fullfilled? If yes ingnore this post. If no then read this.

Do you know there are millions of blogs and websites out there on internet world and many people surf and search daily. Now, let us imagine your are running a small blog and making 500 views daily, are you getting good amount from advertisers. The minimum payment a blog with daily 500 views should make atleast $20 per month, but most blogs fails to monetize. Now let me give some clear information. Is your traffic genuine.? The answer is no. If yes then you are lying. Because a genuine traffic means traffic from search engines, social media, referring sites and feeds or newsletters. A traffic from these blogs are said to be most quality and costly. Means a CPM of atleast $2-3. Most of blog owners with 1000 daily views fails to monetize because the traffic is not quality, means traffic from PPC programs, auto surf and exchanges. These traffics serious useless for any advertiser.

What if am an advertiser?

Now let me be as advertiser. Now I want to invest some bucks to generate impressions or clicks on my blog. Now i came to your blog and bid $1 for 1000 impressions.  The ad started generating impressions and at the end of the day, your blog made 1000 impressions and I paid you $1, you are now happy.. what about me.. now I eagerly move to my stats to check the views your blog gave to me. Shockingly, my stats shows big zero. Why? Because your traffic is not real, a ppc or autosurf.. seriously stole my $1 :(  no autosurf will generate clicks on my ads. I got angry and decreased bid to $0.5, now the next day i get 2000 ad impressions and again big zero, because your traffic is fake. I finally comes down and bid $0.05 for 1000 impressions, I get many impressions but you get only $0.05 daily. That too I gave as tip because you gave me nothing in back except impressions where only a bot is seeing.

Now you are a royal organic blog owner.

Let your blog making only 500 views from Google and Social media. Ohh.. a good traffic source. I come to you and bid $0.5 for 1000 impressions, now the ad started generating impressions and at the end I paid you $0.5 for 1000 impressions, now I move to my stats and saw few clicks and one sale. And sold a product. Wow.. wasnt it amazing..  because the ad was seen by real visitors and one of them clicked and purchased. Am happy with you and continue to run with the same bid.  Suddenly a new advertiser finds your blog and he now bid for $1 for 1000 impressions, he too saw a improvement, now the old advertiser here again increase to $1.5 :), both of you are happy and making fighting money finally end of the month you made $50.  This is actual power of CPM. Seriously many bloggers using fake traffic to cheat advertisers. So guys promise me that you will be away from these. Now listen, write a good post and say your friends about your blog, whatever you do make your blog a powerful one not a bot one.

Hope this might have made you to realize a real secret behind your traffic sources and earnings.

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