Google Pagerank is no longer useful

Pagerank no longer exist
So guys here am back with new shocking article. This may wonder for webmasters, bloggers including me.

This August 2016 Google decided to stop using Pagerank algorithms, this means no websites will no longer have Pagerank authority. Sites with Good Pageranks drops to zero.

Getting into deeper...

Why Google decided to stop using Pagerank metrics.

What is Google Pagerank?

Pagerank is one of the metric algorithm of Google named after Larry Page. It is used to know the popularity of any website and how well it is performing in Google SERP. Higher Pagerank means high authority to website.

Why Google shutdown Pagerank?

The issue began in 2003, Google pagerank metrics used to increase SERP. But few webmasters used crap backlinks to build fake pagerank to boost SERP. This affected many good websites. However Google does not consider this and unhesitatingly removed from search pages. Even some websites having good Pagerank failed to perform in search results. They blamed Google. To end the issue Google decided to shut down Pagerank.

What next? How to find site popularity now?

Since no Pagerank. It is difficult to know wether one site is performing well and to track the links.

The answer is DA. Moz DA is one of the best metric to find how well a site is performing.

Here is the list it may help you

Moz DA.               Pagerank
0- 10.                             0
10-15.                            1
15-20                             2
20-30.                            3
30-40.                            4
41-50.                            5
51-60.                            6
61-70.                            7
71-80.                            8
81- 90.                           9
91-100.                          10

Check your DA using SEO DA Checker and find where you stand.

But... Still Pagerank helps you at end.

" Dear Pagerank thanks for supporing us.. We all miss you.. A sad demise..". Guys comment below.... ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”


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