Adsoptimal currently down - A Scam issue

Adsoptimal down

Dear Readers. I have recently received many messages from webmasters on forum that adsoptimal currently down.

AdsOptimal being a big network is facing the issue from the last two weeks. The same issue has been faced by but has been resolved quickly

However, I managed to contact adsoptimal and they replied me as below...

Hi Aayansh,
Thanks so much for reaching out. As indicated in your revenue dashboard, we have not yet received payment from our advertiser partners due to a system issue. Please note this issue is not specific to your website. We are experiencing this issue across all publishers in our network. At this time, we are unable to process payment to you. As soon as we receive payment from our advertiser partners we will remit payment to you. Apologies for this inconvenience.''

Apart from this the revenue request also became a big issue. They still not cleared many publishers payment. However there are many complaints on company that this a scam play.

Hope the issue will resolve quickly.

Meanwhile I suggust bloggers to checkout some alternate adnetworks.

Recent issue Updates from the team :

01.02.2017 - I managed to contact them and they replied me ...

Dear Aayansh,
We have heard from many of you over the past couple weeks about your frustration about whether or not you will be receiving payment this month. We wanted to provide an update on the latest information and assure you that we are truly doing everything possible to get payment to all publishers that have followed our terms of service.
To provide more context, our network payment is currently delayed because of suspicious traffic from several publishers in our network. This suspicious activity includes bot traffic and invalid placements and activities. Due to the amount of suspicious traffic this month, our advertisers are currently withholding payment. This unfortunately is impacting our payment schedule for the whole network. Without receiving money from our advertisers, we do not have money to pay out our publishers.
We are working with our advertisers to finalize and process payments, removing this suspicious traffic from their accounts. We are half way through the process and will give you an update once we have it. We are working hard to ensure the problem is solved and AdsOptimal can return to providing you amazing ads. Thanks for your patience.


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