# How to Make Money Online with low investments

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Hi Readers! Hope you are doing good. Here goes the next topic " How to Make Money Online with low investment" .

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Lets begin the Discussion - How many of you succeed in making money online. The Answer is Big No. Why?

My answer is Making money Online is not so simple, you need to do lot of research before you get success online. But believe me there are many success stories that are proof of  making money online. Here today I will reveal the secret from which you can make money online. But be prepare to Invest some dollars, I always believe no investment is no money, no marketing - no sales.. so you need to be prepared well before jumping into this.

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Seriously, How can one can make money without any investment. I used to search lot of websites and resources to make money online without investments, but ended with big disappointment. The answer is so simple, when making money you need to have little investment, I started my blog on 2012 with no investment and I started convincing myself that I need little marketing to become of one the successful Digital Marketing Intern. I slowly started investing from $1 and increasing it simultaneously. After facing many losses I started seeing increased ROI .

Hope you got My Intention.. Okay! lets come to the point. Making Money Online.

However, I will still provide you with some ways where you can make money without Investment as well as with low investment. But to get success you need to have lot of patience as well as you need to do little more hardwork.

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Make Money Online - No Investment.

These Ideas are so simple, but difficult to achieve.

#1 Making Money from Website/Blog - Creating blog is so easy but difficult to get success.

Read the full article here -  10 Ways to Make Money from Blog/Website

#2. Short links - This idea is so simple. You need just a social sharing network and promoting the links.

Join the best Shortlink url to make money. - 

#3. Selling e-books Online - Write some good e-books and sell digitally.

Make Money Online - Low Investment

These are simple ways to make money with low investments.

# LegitOnlineJobs - This portal will surely help you making lot of money, and is the second best my marketing secret. Don't bother of losing few bucks, just invest and see the results.

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# 2 Get Paid taking photos

Yes, the scandalous secret for photographers, How about the idea of just taking photos and making money. Yes, you heard is right.. You can now sell your photos and make huge money. You can easily make some $200 - $500 dollars per month or even more.  But But But don't forgot to invest your money and time.

if you are not interested in investing little money simply stay away from this idea. Take time, do research, start Invest and beat the success.

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#3 Get Paid to test Apps.

This is the trending work where you get paid for testing apps. Most apps workers are needed to check the app performance, speed and more. All you do is you subscribe for the app team and write a review about every app you test.  This is fun and easy to get paid regularly.

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