# The Investment on CryptoCurrency and Forex Tradings


This tutorial is about " The Investment on CryptoCurrency and Tradings". Lets begin the discussion..

Before we can move forward we need to know few concepts.

1. What is CryptoCurrency exchange
2. What is Forex Currency Trading.

What is Trading?

You might have come across the word " Trading" . A Trading is an account where a trader buys and sells stocks, shares and mutual funds. A trading can be from any company either from Low to High reputed ones.  Mostly traders are financial experts who buy shares on StockMarkets.

1. What is CrytoCurrency exchange?

A CryptoCurrency exchange is a business module that allows investors and traders to trade on digital assets like Bitcoin, Ripple, Etherum etc.,  The process of CryptoTrading is easy and simple. A investor exchange his currency ( say USD) and purchases any of the digital currency( Say Bitcoin) as per today's market. Depending on the market Capacity the value of the digital currency might fluctuates.

For clear Explanation :

 A Trader invest $100 on Ripple - According to the Market Capacity the value of each Ripple is $0.34. So for $100 dollars the trader purchases 295 ripple coins.  However the value of selling will always lower than buying. Now say the value of Ripple is increased to $2 as per the market, So taking this into account the trader might sell this Ripple at an average price of ( say $1.5, as selling price is always lower than buying). However the purchase value of Ripple was only $0.34 at the time of his exchange, now the selling value is increased more than his buying value which can be considered as profit.  With an invest of $100 the trader made a total assets of $448 dollars with a profit of $348 dollars. This is simple, how depending on the market the value of any digital currency might decrease or increase.

2. What is Forex Trading?

A Forex Trading is a business module that allows investors and traders to trade on Currencies like USD, EURO, GBP etc., The process of Forex Trading is same as Crypto Trading.

3. Where to Trade Crypto and Forex Exchange?

 This is the most important point to be remembered. There are many forex trading companies where you can purchase these digital assets. However finding the right one is little difficult. There are many  fraud forex companies where investors have lost money.  I highly Suggest you to try IQOptions which is treated as one of the reputated and popular forex and exchange Platform.

4. How to make Profit from Trading?

Believe me this is my trick I always use while trading with CryptoCurrency. Suppose say, you purchased a Digital asset each for $1, now the value has decreased and ended at the price of $0.15 now you are subjected to be in loss, this can make you little disappointment. Be smart, I suggest you to re purchase the digital asset i.e, now you purchase the same Digital Asset at only $0.15 ( where you invested $1 in past) you have 8 more Digital Currencies at the price of only $1. Now be patience just wait for the Value to increase, once you see the increase in value sell at good price so simple.

A final Tip : Remember, A Trading value will never decrease always, at certain point it can soar very high for which you need to wait patiently. So if you see constant decrease in value just reinvest and accumulate as many as assets possible so that at right time you can make more profits which can be upto 200% which I did the same with IQOptions.

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Warning : Please note that Trading is subjected to market risks. Some Countries might not encourage this practice. Aseno Creative is not responsible for any loss of money from trading.

Will be back with my Next Article - "The process of Entrepreneurship and Crowdfunding to begin your business".

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