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Hi Guys, you are here because you want to be part of Money making challenge with blogging. This is my first lesson and will be writing continuously, all you need to do is follow my tutorials carefully and start accordingly. 

"Please dont skip any lessons, take time to read and understand. Am spending more time to provide all necessary resources so that you can be a professional blogger". Please bookmark important lessons in your browser for easy navigation.

This Lesson is about " Choose Best Domain name for your blog". 

Before getting started we need to know few concepts

What is a domain?

A Domain is the name of the URL ( Full Form : Unified Resource Locator) which begins with http://www (Or) https://www. A domain name can be purchased from any domain name providers.

What are Domain Extensions?

A Domain Extensions also called top level domains are the last part of the domain name. Internet Technology has many popular domain extensions like .com, .net, .Org and many.

What are Country level Domain Extensions?

Country level domain extensions are the domains that ends with country code. Domains like .in,, .us, .ca are Country level domains.

Why Self hosted domains are not recommended?

Self hosted domains are also called sub-domains which contains more than 1 full stop
eg; is the free domain provided by the hosting partners. Choosing Self hosted domains are highly not recommended because of less access and trust issues. Most Advertising Companies no longer accepts self hosted domains for the security of their advertisers. However for getting idea and experience with blogging you can choose free sub domains. Blogger and can give you free sub domain which are popular free hosting providers.  But If you want to make money you need to have your own Top Level Domain.

Choose Best Domain name for your blog?

Choosing domain name is not so simple, you need to do lot of research. Here are some important points to remember while choosing a domain.

  • Make sure your domain fits your category
  • Make sure your domain do not contain any special characters or numbers
  • make sure your domain is easy to remember
  • Do not use words or sentences instead use unique name. eg; suppose if you plan for a movie website instead of giving a domain name " Watch movie" give it as " Moviewatch" ( remember a domain name is not a word it should be unique).

Where to buy a domain?

Here I will list out best domain name providers so that you can purchase with confident. It is recommended to buy domain name for atleast two years.

# Godaddy

Master in industry, Godaddy is popular domain name provider since many years. I started my first blog with godaddy. Godaddy provides best offers for 1st year domain registration.  However their renewal registration fee is little high.


My best choice ever. Asenocreative runs with Bigrock, They are secured and robust. The cost is not so high as compared to Bigrock.


The same like Bigrock which provides best deals on top level domains like .com and .net

What domain extensions are recommended to buy?

I recommend to buy .com or .net which are most popular domain extensions. If you want to target only specific country you can choose Country level domains. Suppose if you want to target India you can choose .in domain. Remember, Once you choose country level domain Google will automatically set its target to India, this means you cannot target other countries. However, choosing top level domain can help you to target any country ( I will explain about targeting in future lessons)

Will be back with my next lesson. Please share this Article to your Friends and let them start learning. Please comment if you purchased any domain.

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