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This tutorial is about " Create a Blog and Start Making Money " Lets begin the Discussion..

Before we can move forward we need to know few Concepts.

 What is Difference between a Blog and Website

 What are the processes available to make money from blog

What is difference between Blog and Website?

A Blog is basically a site that is used to write everyday updated details. Blog is more user friendly which is used to write more content. A Blog Post is basically called Article.  A Blog is more SEO friendly.

A Website is a static page that contain basic information about Company profile. It can contain pages like About Company, About Products, Contact Information and Address. A Website is treated less important by Search Engine Robots.

Search Engine Robots are the crawlers that sees the blog or website information and displays on search engine result pages like google, bing etc.

Now lets enter the main information..

What is the process to make money from Blog.

Making Money from Blog is not as easy as you think, you need to do lot of research before entering this sector. But, this is not so difficult. You can easily  make money from blog.

How to Create a Blog?

This is so easy. There are many platforms out there to create your own blog. You can use platforms like blogger, Wordpress, Wix to start your own blog.  Go to any of your desired platform choose your own blog name which starts with www.your-blogname, choose any of the desired theme and start.  Next Choose any category that you are good at, Start writing articles about them.

How to make money from Blog or website?

You can make money from blog in many ways.  Here go.

1. Content Writing.

This is the most powerful tool for a blogger to make money. They can earn money from advertising revenue. They can make money from Advertising Companies like Adsense,

2. E book Promotion

Have something to write. Why to give free? Write some beautiful eBooks or series on blog and generate revenue. You can use Google Books or Kindle to start selling your own eBook.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is the most easy but very hard way of making money. You can promote affiliate products and you can make money when a sale occurs from your blog. If you have good amount of viewers who trust you then this process is easy to make money. You can use Clickbank or ShareAsale to start your affiliate programming.

Hmm.. not Happy..

Want to make Perfect Money from Blog??

If yes, then am here to help you out. Believe me guys, making money from blog is not so easy. The success rate is very less, there are millions of website online where many blogs not even making single dollar.  From the past 10 years am doing lot of research in making money from blog and come with many concepts and finally revealed the secret that makes me decent amount of money.

Read this important article if you are already a blogger....

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