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crowdfunding and entrepreneurship

This Article is about" The Process of Crowdfunding and Entrepreneurship". Before getting started we need to know few details.

  • What is Crowdfunding?
  • What is Entrepreneurship?

Lets begin the discussion....

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the process of funding ventures or projects with small amount of money gathering from group of people. Crowdfunding is the best practice to raise funds to your projects.

The process of Crowdfunding ?

This practice was started somewhere in 1997. Here we will explain the process to begin crowdfunding.

Idea Behind Crowdfunding?

The idea behind Crowdfunding is to encourage new Creators, Investors, Entrepreneurs who have ideas but do not have sufficient investment to get started.

Understand below points....

  • There are someone who have a good idea and doesn't have sufficient investment to get started.
  • There are someone who are ready to make some bucks by making small investments.
  • The process of startup with funding's from large number of investors is called as crowdfunding.
  • There are someone who wants to make profit by the means of shares.

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Getting Started with Crowdfunding?

Here I will help you to get started with Crowdfunding. If you have any idea and wants to start your venture here is the process.

Suppose if you have ideas like planning to launch your Book, Movie, Organization then you can use Crowdfunding process.

For Small Project, like Shortfilms, Books and Products  ....


This the best Website to Start your own Project. Indiegogo successfully helped many small projects to raise funds. This portal is best if you have ideas like Shortfilms, Books and Products.

Getting Started with Indiegogo...

Go to Indiegogo official website and register your account. Start Creating your Campaign and fill required details. If you are planning for any products you can even invite Shares like giving away some percent of profits to shareholders or investors.

For Small Resources, like Starting Organizations, Hospital Needs....

Impact Guru

This Portal is used to raise funds for your Personal causes like Asking for Hospital Needs (like Surgeries, Operations) and Non Profit Organizations.

Getting Started with Impact Guru...

Go to Impact Guru official website and register your account. Start Creating your Campaign and fill required details ( you might be  asked to enter or upload your hospital permission letter for Hospital needs, Organization Registration Certificate for Non Profit or NGOs).

 For Large Projects like Featured Movies, Startup Companies..... 

This Portal is used to raise funds for Big projects like starting your own feature movie or any Startup Company.

Getting Started with Ketto,Org

Go to official site and register your details. Set your Goal Amount, share on social media about your projects and promote it to raise funds.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching a new business with small amount and staff. India is a growing and Home for many startups which successfully emerged as companies like FlipKart, ID, Paytm and more.

How to get started with Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is not like Crowdfunding. To begin as a successful entrepreneur you can mail or give presentation to any other companies. You can also seek help from your respective Government about your project and can raise funds. There are many entrepreneurship programs to begin

The process of Entrepreneurship.

This process of Entrepreneurship is not as easy as you think, you need to have strong presentation skills, command over your project and Confidence about your success. 

For Clear Explanation...

Suppose you have visited some Big Company to present your project. You will be giving a presentation front of clients. If they are impressed with your project they can help getting started with your Company. It is said that Sponsors can take lifetime shares of some percentage from the Companies they have helped to grow ( Companies likes Google, Facebook and Apple are in the list). 

Will be back with my next Article " Step by Step guide to make money from Website/Blog".

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