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Get Paid writing articles - Make Money Online

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Did you know Make money online and Make money from home are one of the most searched keywords in Google.

Let me ask a straight question.

Is it possible to make money online?

 Most of the people who wants to make money from home and online end up in failure, because making money online is not a easy task. All those website or networks that says make thousands of dollars are obviously fake ones. Don't worry here I will help you to find the ways where you can make some decent money online.

How to make money online

This article is useful for people who are good at writing articles. Article is nothing but a piece of information that helps readers to get useful information. So if you are good at writing articles then here am to help you.

What articles to write?

Okay. Before jumping into the process. Ask yourself where you are perfect at, like the best category that suites you say example Gaming, Entertainment, Tech, SEO and many more.  If you are good at any of the category I will help you to filter out.

Category : Gaming.

You know Games are part of relaxation. Everyone likes to play games. Playing games online become most popular these days. There are several companies working day and night developing games. Most of the companies hire people who are good at playing games, they pay high salary for them just for testing the games. The reason behind is to find if any games contains issues are bugs. However find a company like this is so difficult, here I will help you to do that. Searching everywhere I could find a websites that pays to test games

Gaming Jobs Online

Gaming Jobs Online is one of the best source to make money testing video games. All you need to do is to register with them and start getting deals. The work is so simple, you choose a game to play and write a review about them. You get paid every time when you play a game and review it. Cool...

Join GamingJobsOnline.

Category : Entertainment

Who loves gossips and movie buzz. Almost everyone. If you are good at entertainment related thing then you can make most of the money simply writing articles. The most popular network Alibaba introduced the first project where you get paid for writing articles.

UCMedia Web

UcMedia Web is one of the popular network belongs to Alibaba group. The network started its program to help students to make money from writing and sharing videos. The process is simple you get paid for every person who views your articles.

Join UcMedia Web

Category : Tech and SEO

If you are good at tech and SEO related articles you can make most of the money, there are many websites that pays more than $10 for every article you write for them. All you need to do is write a unique write of about 500 words and share with them, if your write is approved then you are ready to get paid.

Aseno Creative

We itself a article writing program member. If you are good at writing articles related to SEO and Make Money related then we are good choice for you. Depending on the length of the write we pay you from $10-50 for every approved article. All you need to do is send your article to { email for more details}

Category : General

Here are the list of best Networks that pays to write articles.

#1 Strong Whispers

They offers and helps to promote articles related to Lifestyle. Every time you write article you get paid from $50- $150, However they are temporarily suspended and will be back soon.

Join Strong Whispers


CollegeHumor is best network since years where you get paid for sharing entertainment and humor articles. You get paid from around $15-50 for every article.

Join CollegeHumor

Category : News

Watch Culture

If you are a person who can spread news then you can make money easily.  Watch Culture is a UK based Company that pays for writing News related articles.

Join Watch Culture

Check out these Other Networks that and refer them

Wow Women on Writing

Wow Women on Writing is a part of female encouraging program. They strive hard to encourage female writers. If you are a female then try this.

Also try..


Hope this write helped you a lot. Will be back with my next article.


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